This is a very crude utility for converting png images into NENES compatible sprite data.

Drag and drop a sprite sheet where it says to, download the spriteSheet.js file, and include it in your project folder and in the HTML file.

How It works:

NENES sprite data is just a big array of numbers from 0-9, 9 being transparent and 0-7 corresponding to the current palette that is set within your code.

It's built this way to let you change the colour of any sprite in real time.

To create a compatible sprite sheet use the dimensions: 256x256. The size one one sprite is 16x16, and there must be only 8 different colours, otherwise you might not get the results you want.

I recommend using white, greys, and black since they are easy to distinguish without making the sprite sheet look too wild.

Updated 26 days ago

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