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this game scarred me for life, poor lil kitties ;-;


I've never played this game but the creator mugged me on January 2nd, 1987.

Wait what, how do you know

top notch!





WOW so cute but NOOOOOOOOO not the poor defencelece kittenssssss ;(


the... the blood... oh god.................................


I liked this a lot, I always like looking at the different aesthetics that Tetris games go for to try and stand out, and I must admit, this one was just great!

That morbid blood splatter juxtaposed to the cute art style makes the game much more memorable, and I'll definitely be loading this up from time to time whenever I just want to play some tetris with bloody cats :)


kitty go boom

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only in ohio bruh

I really didn't expect to see the cats dying! OMG the poor cats!

Here's my score from my first run:

I'll have to get back to it another day, I know I can do much better!

Thanks for playing my games! I appreciate it <3

Uhm it semi-froze on the first tetris and now all my pieces hug the right wall...

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Still super cute and reloading fixed it. Could you maybe implement 14-bag (really want to st-stack those cats).

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I used to think you like cats...

Original game, sometimes I play when resting.

I bet all cat lovers will love this game for sure ;P

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This is my high score so far :) let me know if you get any higher!

Impressive! I love your profile pic btw, I didn't know you could upload a gif!

my last score was 89000 but Holy shit this game makes me want to play tetris like the good days back in 2009


great game. i love how head is flying.


lmao nice game. i didnt read the description of this game and i thought it was just a cute tetris clone with cute cats. oh how wrong i was lmao