Avenge your adorable dog by clearing rows and decatpitating the evil Kets!

Warning: this game contains cartoon gore and blood.


  • WASD or ARROWS: move and rotate the piece
  • SPACE or ENTER: hold or swap the current piece
  • R: restart your game

Ketris was a challenge to myself to make a small but juicy game in a short amount of time.

Made with p5.js and NENES


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Uhm it semi-froze on the first tetris and now all my pieces hug the right wall...

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Still super cute and reloading fixed it. Could you maybe implement 14-bag (really want to st-stack those cats).

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I used to think you like cats...

Original game, sometimes I play when resting.

I bet all cat lovers will love this game for sure ;P

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This is my high score so far :) let me know if you get any higher!


great game. i love how head is flying.


lmao nice game. i didnt read the description of this game and i thought it was just a cute tetris clone with cute cats. oh how wrong i was lmao