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So simple but so nice! :D

Game is pretty fun, but the computer AI is only ok. Maybe add different difficulty settings.

This game is really nice, but the single player mode is definitely lacking right now.


I agree, more will come soon!

Man, I wish there was I single player version with an enemy AI. Alas, I have no friends.


Its something that I've definitely wanted to work on

I'll keep my eyes peeled for updates!


Hey. Not bad. I just ask that you add the ability to change the controls. Whether you plan to or not, I don't know, but it would make the game better. You could also take the opportunity to allow more players. Adding different weapons and such wouldn't be a bad idea either. I'll check back if you update it.

Sadly pico-8’s controlls aren’t configurable, the best way to play is with gamepads, which allows 4 players to play. Unfortunately, most people don’t have that many lying around. Different weapons is a good idea, I was thinking about adding powerups that drop from the celing...

Shame. The power-ups sound good though. If your going to have weapons and such dropping from the roof, you may as well add in hazards. For example, a lava pit.