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birb . birb is happy.

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my funny little chunky man :)


Thanks! I love this!

i wanna play but i cant download


Its a web game :D the download is just the code

I wish i could play TvT

happy boi :)


He said yee haw.


Omg we made the same exact bird!

Happy spooky season from your magical birb fren.


I thought only the government could make them... guess I was wrong

All hail the Queen (Birb) :D

Also, can I ask you something? How did you upload the game to Like, let's say you're developing this game on p5, and when you're done, how do you download it from p5?? Please answer me! πŸ™‚

I don't code in the p5 editor but if you do you can download it as a zip file (go to file>download), and all you need to do is upload that zip to your project and select it to be played in the browser :)

Thanks!! :)

You said you wanted to see our birbs so here's mine! He's a little witch birb who really likes bread. 

This is really a cute game though! It's really nice! 10/10 will make more birbs

Some good birds as an example :)

Mr.Birb how ya doin'? Mr.Birb how ya doin' ?

A fierce witch birb

Tis a good birb <3

cute af :D

this is the best game on the site...his name is borbonzolahis name is borbonzola

f o n c y    b o r b


excellent birds!


Misfire! Misfire!

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i dunno why this is so cute


i love these precious birds so much


Blessed bird

That bird is very blessed and w h o l e s o m e




he's a n g y


This birdcage ain't big enough for the two of us, pardner.


You tryin' to test me right now buckeroo?


This is the best thing ever.

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Nice game!

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Well done


The holy one