In ASTRO you play as an astronaut with a machine gun.

Avoid enemy skulls and get to the door on each level.

    • WASD - Move/Peek
    • SPACE - Jump
    • ENTER - Shoot
    • ESC - Pause

ASTRO was made completely from scratch for my high school physics and computer science classes. I made it to use real physics and everything is relative and easily scalable using techniques that I figured out while working on it.

ASTRO is still in development and currently only has a few levels, I might come back to it and make a level editor for you to make your own levels in! (I wouldn't count on it though)

Your support and feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Tell me what you liked or what I need to improve on.

I hope you enjoy what little there is to this game.


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Tragically what I used to host the files is no more... Rest in peace ASTRO, my first real game

Neat game, camera felt a little strange but overall I enjoyed it.

Nice. Perhaps computer generated levels or a level editor/creator would help. Less work for you, more content for us.